My Financial Snapshot adds partners, looks to fuel growth.

My Financial Snapshot is pleased to announce new partners involved in validating and expanding our platform. 

My Financial Snapshot continues to bridge the gap between financial utility and financial education. While we currently provide the number one personal financial statement builder available online, we want to provide additional tools on our platform to better address the needs of our subscribers. These additional team members and their resources will position My Financial Snapshot with the needed infrastructure to accomplish our goals. 

Marketing Advisor: William Robins

Will Robins is the former Organic Marketing Director at In this role, he oversaw SEO, influencer marketing, and branded content. He has experience in building 100’s of brands over the last 20 years as a marketing expert. A former colleague of Will had this to say about him, “I’ve worked with many SEO marketers over my career and Will has taught me more than any of them combined.” Check out this article that Will wrote for Forbes

Marketing Partner: Sharpnd Marketing

Sharpnd has a simple, data-driven approach to marketing. Their aim is to build results through validated marketing resources, driving performance across channels, allowing platforms and ideas to gain visibility to audiences. Sharpnd has the team and resources to compete with any market data validation platform available for early-stage start-ups. The team at Sharpnd has marketing experience with Manscaped, Dave Ramsey Solutions, Remax, Dr. Axe, and many other brands.

 L.B. Hudson, CEO of My Financial Snapshot, had the following statement on the recent partnership development:

“The addition of these partnerships is critical to the success of our business. I have gotten to know Will and the team at Sharpnd over the course of this year. Will has a philosophy of looking to build others up, a vision needed in our marketing strategy. Sharpnd is providing technical expertise in order to position the company for growth. The future is bright and we are moving forward to shape financial utility in today’s world.”

Stay tuned for continued news involving these new partnerships.

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