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My Financial Snapshot exists to allow our customers to become aware, take ownership, and create lasting value in their personal finances.

Our mission is to make financial literacy synonymous with literacy.

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Yes, we are hosted on secure servers, our site is monitored daily, and we update/test the site monthly, and we will never sell your personal information to a third party. EVER.

Yes, we use as our payment processor. Stripe stores all payment information.

Login to your account. On the right hand side of your account select “Manage Billing”.

You can reset your password at the login screen. You can also update your password after you have already logged in on your account page.

You can delete your account after logging in to your account on the right side of the site. Make sure to cancel your subscription first!

Click on “Edit or download PDF of Snapshot”. Select “Save and Download PDF”. Select “Download” after your submission is updated.

Select the green date to view your snapshot. You can also continue to “Edit Snapshot or Download PDF” to either edit a submission, or download and print.

Please contact support@myfinancialsnapshot with the issue you are experiencing in the header, and a brief description of your issue.

Our mission is to make financial literacy synonymous with literacy.